Thursday, October 16, 2008

Socialist Asshats

So this asshat seems to have a problem that I might buy a business that makes $250K a year. It's a British newspaper, so she might be a socialist to boot.

(Actually, she says some pretty nice things about me. "He's articulate, he's Midwestern, he's confident, he never sought out the spotlight but now that he's in it, he's performing quite well." Looking at her picture, she's hot. Hey Meg, email me. I'm in Toledo)

The problem I have is the headline that got me there. No, not "Courting Joe the Plumber." Up top, it reads "How many ordinary Joes earn over $250,000?" Well, Meg, let me tell you - a lot.

So according to Meg's profile, "Meg Kane is a graduate student and researcher blogging from St Louis, Missouri." That's nice. I'm glad she's getting an education and getting to do something she seems to like.

I just back from fixing a water main break. That's work. Let me tell you, a water main breaks, you need to call a plumber, not a graduate student of blogging.

You build a home, you don't need a blogger. You need a plumber, an electrician, a roofer, a carpenter and bunch of other skilled craftsmen. We build a lot of shit. Shit that people use. Shit that people need. People need plumbing. Without plumbing you get things like disease. Remember the plague? Without bloggers, what do we lose? Not fucking much.

So to build this shit, it costs money. I've got to buy pipes, welding equipment, a van. I need to rent an office. Do you rent an office, Meg? Oh, the school give you one? How nice. I have to get licensed (well not me specifically, but someone has to have one). I have to be bonded. You know, insurance. Do you have a license to blog Meg? Do you have insurance, in case your blog fucks up someone house? I don't think so.

Add it all up - $250K is nothing. If I'm lucky, I'll take home $50K salary when all is said and done. Not enough to buy the bass boat I've been eyeing for a while now. But I'm sure you get that fancy house as soon as you can afford it with your graduate degree in blogging.

An honest day's pay for an honest day's work. It seems like a bunch liberal elitist asshats feel that the only people qualified to make money are those who go to college and graduate school. Sorry folks, people who build this country deserve a decent life too.

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